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Uncuttable locks? Locks that cannot be cut? Bolt cutter proof lock? The strongest lock?

We witnessed a government enforcement official cut a high industrial, high security 3/8" hardened boron shackle with bolt cutters.  However, the combined strength of a hardened protecting box mated with a lock makes it almost impossible to cut with bolt cutters and very difficult with other cutting tools.   Two-fold protection:  lock combined with a hardened steel box.

Lock GuardsTM also protect locks from the weather - rain, sleet, and snow.  Low cost, high protection.  Ranger Lock GuardTM with lock.  Sold with or without lock.  Ranger Lock GuardsTM fit most brand locks.

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“They Broke in Everybody Else’s but Left Ours Alone.”

Burglaries happen every 14.5 seconds in the U.S. Thieves cut off the padlock with bolt cutters — and they’re free to steal as much as they can carry away.

RangerLock can stop thieves in their tracks.

·        “We had a number of connexes broken into. Yours were the only ones not broken into and they were only 15 feet away.” – The Alaska Department of Fish & Game

·        “You saved us. We’re telling all our stores to use your stuff.” – Major big-box retailer

·        “A contractor in the upper peninsula had $84,000 of copper. He got hit. They did not get in. Boy is he happy.” – Michigan ThermoKing distributor

A burglary could cost you thousands of dollars. Don’t be a victim. Protect your goods with RangerLock.

        Founded by U.S. Army Airborne Ranger

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installations Ranger Lock Ranger Lock Guard Ranger Deadbolt Crossbar - Portable High Security Lock * Stops locking handle from turning * Eliminates cut locking handle or locking latch concerns * Protects locking handle hub and rivet * Uses no shackle or shackleless hockey puck lock inside lock, not visable outside Innerbolt - inside locking pin for the left door or passive door * Inside door lock * No external sign of install portable, adjustable two door lock Portabolt - secures both doors * Portable bar lock with no shackle lock * Lightweight; Easy installation lock both doors, no shackle lock Puck Lock & Hasp - secures both doors * Solid steel with Ranger Puck Lock * Weld or bolt on