Ranger Lock - A higher deterrent at a low cost.


McGraw Enterprises, Inc is the manufacturer and distributor of Ranger® Lock and specializes in unique high security locks for securing external doors such as tractor trailers, storage containers, construction containers, connexes, mini-storage, and warehouses, as well as moving vans, trailer doors such as utility and horse, as well as protective guards to cover padlock shackles  for sheds,  fence gates, and home crawl space doors.

The company is constantly creating new solutions in response to customer requirements.  McGraw Enterprises, Inc conducts the research and development for its products, most of which are designed internally as reflected in the patents.  Through the company’s strategic partnerships, various brand products can be provided with solutions varying from low cost, inexpensive locks to higher quality locks from the world’s premier lock manufacturers that provide master keying and audit trails with electronic locks.  If you have needs that are not being met within the marketplace, feel free to contact us.  

Similarly, if you are interested in joining the growing Ranger® Lock network, contact us at ranger@rangerlock.com or call us at 1.866.988.LOCK (5625).

Presentation: International Cargo Security Council, June 2004
"How to measure your dollars lost versus dollars shipped and how to determine the positive impact of proactive security". Contact us for more details.

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