Ranger Lock - A higher deterrent at a low cost.

Explosives High Security Locks Explosives Lock Protection Includes products that meet ATF Guidelines

Contact us to discuss ATF government approved  explosives magazine hooded locks or storage locks or magazine lock boxes

RANGER DOOR LOCKS - high security locks

portable, adjustable door lock
Crossbar - Portable High Security Lock
Double Crossbar
Double Crossbar - Portable High Security Lock - works any one rod!
inside lock, not visable outside
Innerbolt - inside locking pin for the left door
  • Inside door lock
  • No external sign of install
  • Includes securing rod, mounting bracket, and self-tapping screws
  • Aircraft cable minimizes mis-placement by users
  • Can be mounted at floor and/or ceiling
  • RDIN-00 Check Pricing - Innerbolt
stop locking rods from turning
Locking Rod Locks - deadbolts stop locking rod from turning
  • Keep trailer or container air tight
  • Weld or bolt on; template for bolt holes included.
  • Choice of padlock or hockey puck lock   Patented

Portabolt - secures both doors
Rollbolt - no cut lock on roll-up doors


government required covered hood
Hooded Magazine Lock Box - 1/4" explosives magazines steel hood

RANGER LOCK GUARDTM - protect the padlock shackle

Ideal for pre-loading
Light weight             Installs in seconds           Patented easy self closing      Heat treated steel
Height is inside height of closed lock

high value protection, longer shackle locks

Super Extended Lock GuardTM  protects locks 1-1/4" to 2 1/2"
Lock Guard Super Extended Universal
Lock GuardTM Super Extended Universal - protects locks 1-1/4" to 2 1/2" 
protects locks on most rollup doors
Lock GuardTM Roll-up protects locks over 1-1/4"
no shackle or shackleless lock
No-shackle or shackleless hockey puck lock
hardened steel padlock
2 1/12" Padlock


1.1" Hardened Steel Padlock




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