Ranger Lock - A higher deterrent at a low cost.

Mini-Storage or Self Storage High Security Locks. Storage Lock Protection; Protect door bracket USES: Storage Shed Self Storage

RANGER DEADBOLT - high security locks

Rollbolt - no shackle lock on roll-up doors
Side Rollbolt
Side Rollbolt - shackleless lock on rollup doors


RANGER LOCK GUARDTM - padlock protection; protect the lock's shackle from harm - from cutting, from the weather

Light weight             Installs in seconds           Patented easy self closing      Heat treated steel

Height is inside height of closed lock.
Recessed Lock GuardsTM - Protects Locks 7/8" to 1 1/4" 
  • Mini-Storage - small latch area
  • Photo shown on moving van (Kentucky door)
  • Home crawl space latches    Patented
  • RGRC-00  - Lock Guard (Lock sold separately)
  • RGRC-5L  - Lock Guard with Lock
protect longer shackle locks
Extended Lock GuardTM  Protects 1" to 2" locks     Patented
protects locks on most rollup doors
Roll-up Lock GuardTM  Protects locks 1-1/4 to 3" 
protects locks; trailer type handles
Standard Lock GuardTM  protect 1" locks
Lock Guard Universal
Universal Lock GuardTM   protect 1" locks


Disk Lock Lock GuardTM - protect standard 2 3/4" disk lock


no shackle or shackleless lock
No-shackle or shackleless hockey puck lock
solid steel laminated lock
1" Laminated Steel Padlock


1" Hardened Steel Padlock

  • Hardened steel lock
  • Dual locking resists pulling and prying
  •  1.1" vertical clearance
  • TL00-1L 1 in. Padlock
hardened steel padlock
  • Dual locking resists pulling and prying
  • Hardened steel lock
  • 2 1/12" x 9.5 mm dia. hardenedshackle
  • TL00-0L 2 in. Padlock

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