Ranger Lock - A higher deterrent at a low cost.

Rail Car High Security Locksand Lock Protection; Cargo door locks

RANGER DEADBOLT - high security locks

portable, adjustable door lock
Crossbar - Portable High Security Lock
  • Stops primary door or right door locking handle from turning
  • Eliminates cut locking handle or locking latch concerns
  • Protects locking handle hub and rivet
  • Uses no shackle or shackleless hockey puck lock   Patented
  • RDSC-00 - Crossbar (Lock sold separately)  
  • RDSC-HP - Crossbar with lock
Double Crossbar
Double Crossbar - Portable High Security Lock - works any one rod!
  • Fits rod on either left door or right door;  fits only one rod
  • Inside locking rod or outside lock rod
  • Stops locking rods from turning- either direction
  • Portable, no welding
  • No cut rivets, no cut latches, no cut padlocks, no cut handles  Patented
  • RDDC-00 - Double Crossbar (Lock sold separately)  
  • RDDC-HP - Double Crossbar with lock
portable, adjustable two door lock
Portabolt - secures both doors

RANGER LOCK GUARDTM - protect the padlock shackle

Light weight             Installs in seconds           Patented easy self closing      Heat treated steel

Height is inside height of closed lock.
protect longer shackle locks
Lock GuardTM Extended Protects 3/8" to 7/16" dia., 1" to 2" locks     Patented
high value protection, longer shackle locks
Lock GuardTM Super Extended Protect locks over 1-1/4" 
Lock Guard Super Extended Universal
Lock GuardTM Super Extended Universal  Protect locks over 1-1/4" 
protects locks; trailer type handles
Lock GuardTM Standard protects 3/8" dia., 1" locks
Lock Guard Universal
Lock GuardTM Universal protects 3/8" dia., 1" locks


no shackle or shackleless lock
No-shackle or shackleless hockey puck lock
  • Steel housing
  • High security with keyed alike available
  • 10 mm locking rod in cavity in bottom
  • TL00-HP - Puck Lock
hardened steel padlock

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