Ranger Lock - A higher deterrent at a low cost.

Ranger« Door Locká

High Security Locks with protective steel   - strong container locks, trailer locks, cargo locks, conex locks with no shackle hockey puck locks (or hidden shackle locks) - no shackle to cut.

Frees latch on handle for customer's seal or a separate lock.

Distributor's feedback:  Our customer is an electrical contractor.  He had $84,000 of copper.  They never got in. 
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Crossbar - Portable High Security Lock
  • Stops primary door or  right door locking handle from turning
  • Eliminates cut locking handle or locking latch concerns
  • Protects locking handle hub and rivet 
  • Uses a no-shackle or hidden shackle hockey puck lock
  • Shippers can lock trailers and containers and not touch tamper evident seals in latches
  • Great for accounts receivable on unpaid rental units - lock out customer without disturbing his lock
  • No welding      Patented
  • RDSC-00 - Crossbar (Lock sold separately) 
  • RDSC-HP - Crossbar with lock
Double Crossbar
Double Crossbar - Portable High Security Lock 
                      Universal - fit on any one rod!
  • Fits either left door or right door but only one rod, not two
  • Inside locking rod or outside
  • Stops locking rods from turning
  • Portable, no welding
  • Latch for customer's seals left untouched
  • Great for accounts receivable on unpaid rental units - lock out customer without disturbing his lock
  • No cut rivets, no cut latches, no cut padlocks, no cut handles   Patented
  • RDDC-00 - Double Crossbar (Lock sold separately)
  • RDDC-HP - Double Crossbar with lock     
Portabolt - secure both doors

Puck Lock and Hasp
inside lock, not visable outside
Innerbolt - inside locking pin for the left door
  • Inside door lock
  • Lock the left door
  • No external sign of install
  • Includes securing rod, mounting bracket, and self-tapping screws
  • Aircraft cable minimizes mis-placement by users
  • Can be mounted at floor and/or ceiling
  • RDIN-00 Innerbolt 

stop locking rods from turning 

Locking Rod Locks - door locks stop locking rod from turning
  • Choice of padlock or shackleless lock.
  • Weld or bolt on
    'Pardo hole' lock versus a seal  Patented

For roll-up doors (warehouse, mini-warehouse, truck rollup doors):

Side RollBolt
Side Rollbolt

Trying to stop theft?  Ranger« Door Locks products provide high security locks for high dollar value items, sensitive government shipments or efforts to stop the locking rods from moving to fight anthrax or biological attacks, explosive magazines, fireworks, hazardous waste. We can provide products to help you stop copper theft.
"The greatest point of attack is the rivet (on the handle hub)."  Hugo Gomez TOMCATS (retired)  Miami, Dade County Cargo Security Police
"Bolts that attach the latches are 1 of 4 common ways to break into a container in under 2 minutes."  Dept. of Homeland Security, Feb, 2008


  • Sturdy construction, many components with hardened metal.
  • Most include Ranger«'s patented 45░ deflector shield to deflect direct physical blows.
  • Can use seals. Conventional latches are available for supplemental seals.
  • Fit most locks.
  • No shackle to cut. Most use the no shackle hockey puck lock or shackleless hockey puck lock.
  • Most are fully portable or semi-portable with no welding (unless company or industry driven)


  • Lock tractor trailer door (trailer door lock)
  • Lock storage container door (storage containers lock)
  • Lock connex container door (container door lock)
  • Lock rail car door (rail door lock)
  • Lock 20 ft shipping containers (shipping container locks)
  • Lock explosives magazines (explosives locks)
  • Lock fireworks magazines (fireworks locks)
  • Lock high value products (high value locks)
  • Lock warehouse door (warehouse locks)
  • Lock mini-storage door (ministorage locks)
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