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Durable Lock Protection that Protects Your Treasures by Protecting Your Lock.TM

Lock Cover.  Protect your lock - from bolt cutters, cutting tools.     Minimizes concerns for those that want locks that cannot be cut  

- from rain, sleet, and snow - fights corroded locks, fights frozen locks.

Portable.  Easy to use.  A higher deterrent at a low cost getting you closer to a theft proof lock or an anti-theft lock.

Customer feedback:

     They broke in everybody else's, but left ours alone with your guards.


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Note:  Lock height is between bottom of shackle and top of casing.
government required covered hood
Hooded Steel Lock Box - quarter inch (1/4") steel hood
  • Protect EXPLOSIVES, high value goods,hazardous materials, dangerous cargo, fireworks
  • 'L' on left door sticks through box's back (click photo to see 'L')
  • Lock protection box protects 1 in. to 2 1/4 in. locks
  • Carriage bolt holes inside box to prevent drilling.  Also has holes on outside of box.
  • Can be welded for added protection
  • RGLB-00 Check Pricing Lock Box
  • RGLB-1L Check Pricing with  Lock

Super Extended Lock GuardTM  – protect 1 1/2" - 2 1/2" locks 
Lock Guard Super Extended Universal
Super Extended Universal Lock GuardTM – protect 1 1/2" - 2 1/2" locks
protects locks on most roll-up doors
Roll-up Lock GuardTM – Protects 1 1/2" - 2 1/2" locks 


Elongated Lock GuardTM – Protects 1 1/2" to 2" locks

protect longer shackle locks
Extended Lock GuardTM – Protects 1 1/2" to 2" locks
protect smaller locks
Junior Lock GuardTM  – Protects 1" locks" 
Standard Lock GuardTM – protects 1" locks
Lock Guard Universal
Universal Lock GuardTM – protects 1" locks
Recessed Lock GuardTM - Protects7/8" locks


Standard Chain Lock GuardTM


Junior Chain Lock GuardTM



Disk Lock Lock GuardTM - Protects standard 2 3/4" Disk Lock


For padlock protection, newly patented Ranger® Lock Guard can protect your lock or ours, providing a portable, shrouded shackle.  Complement your lock.  More protection for less money.
  • Protect tractor trailer door lock, protect storage container door lock, protect connex door lock, protect trailer door lock, protect rail car door lock, both protect mini-storage door lock and protect warehouse door lock.
  • Also use it to protect a back yard fence gate lock, protect a fence lock, protect a roll-up door lock, and protect a swing door lock.
  • Ideal complement to protect electronic locks - both protect from ice, snow, moisture, and foreign matter and protect the shackle and the electronic investment
  • Light weight             Installs in seconds           Patented easy self closing      Heat treated steel

FEATURES:  Leading innovator in portable lock boxes & lock protection

  • Save money. Buy less locks.  Minimize cut lock shackles.
  • Value added. The Lock Guard to protect your shackle is at a fraction of the cost of more expensive locks, at a low cost versus locks with shoulders that protect only a part of the shackle, or the cost of thicker shackles purchased to prevent thieves from cutting locks. Fight those who cut locks or cut padlock.
  • Weather protection. Customers in various climatic conditions declare benefits of a shackle cover or 'house' over their lock. This helps protect the lock from the elements - snow, rain, dirt, salt spray - that can shorten a lock's usable life.
  • Commercially produced. For government approved lock guard for explosives & fireworks, contact ATF or us for details.


  • Ranger® Lock Guards are fully portable with easy installation in seconds and can be stored as one unit with the lock.
  • They are interchangeable between locks and universal; fit most brand locks or most commercial locks such as Master Lock, Abloy padlocks, and others .
  • Made of hardened steel, the guards are corrosive resistant and are installed with no bolts and no welding.
  • Angled roofs on swing door lock guards to deflect, deter, or hamper physical attack or blows 

Protect Your Lock

When you decide to guard your lock with one of our hardened steel door lock guards, you’re ensuring your lock lasts longer and holds up better to what the world throws at it. Whether you use one of our shackle-free hockey puck locks or a regular padlock, our lock guards are guaranteed to protect your locks — and your valuables.

When you use a padlock protector box over your padlock, you’re protecting it from thieves with bolt cutters, crow bars and other tools. A padlock protector also safeguards your padlock against rain, sleet, snow, salt spray and dirt that could weaken it and shorten its life. Our padlock protection boxes have sloped roofs so snow and ice slide ride off — and so do thieves’ blows.

Best of all, our padlock guard systems are easy to install and can be removed and stored as one unit with the lock inside. Our padlock protector box fits most brand-name commercial locks. No matter what lock you use, you can rest assured our padlock guard will protect it.

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