Ranger Lock - A higher deterrent at a low cost.

Success Stories

Ranger® Standard Lock Guard with Abloy Padlock

“We had a number of connexes broken into.  Yours were the only ones not broken into and they were only 15 feet away.”

           Dpartment of Fish & Game
           State of Alaska
            April 16, 2007


Ranger® Crossbar with Ranger® Puck Lock

“The customer had large rolls of copper wire – way out therein a remote area in the upper peninsula of Michigan. He had about $84,000 worth of copper in there.  He got one your Crossbars all mangledup.  I asked the guy if they got in.  He said, “Nope.”  He needs to buy a new lock.  I told him, “You got off cheap.”

          Container rental client, Michigan
          June 3, 2008


Ranger® Portabolt with Ranger® Puck Lock

“They really like it.  We’ll be buying more for other customers.”

         Container rental client, Atlanta, GA
         May, 2009

Ranger® Hockey Puck Lock

“We’re in southern Arizona.  They shot up your lock pretty bad, but it didn’t open.”


         Construction Customer
            July, 2009

Ranger® Roll-up Door Lock Guard

“We used your product on our trucks in the New York area.  We want to use it for some high value goods we’re shipping out of California.”

            Big box retailer Corporate Loss Prevention Manager


Ranger® Super Extended Universal Lock Guard

“They work great.  I’m going to share this with the other guys with explosives.”

            Explosives Customer, Louisiana
            December, 2009

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