Ranger Lock - A higher deterrent at a low cost.

Cargo Door Locks | Semi Trailer Door Locks

RANGER® DOOR LOCKS - high security locks

portable, adjustable door lock
Crossbar - Portable High Security Lock
Double Crossbar
Double Crossbar - Portable High Security Lock - works any one rod!
inside lock, not visable outside
Innerbolt - inside locking pin for the left door
  • Inside door lock
  • No external sign of install
  • Includes securing rod, mounting bracket, and self-tapping screws
  • Aircraft cable minimizes mis-placement by users
  • Can be mounted at floor and/or ceiling
  • RDIN-00 - Innerbolt
portable, adjustable two door lock
Portabolt - secures both cargo doors
lock both doors, no shackle lock
Puck Lock & Hasp - secures both doors

RANGER® LOCK GUARD - Lock protection and Locks with padlock protection; protect the padlock shackle

Light weight             Installs in seconds           Patented easy self closing      Heat treated steel

Height is inside height of closed lock.
protect longer shackle locks
Extended Lock GuardTM  – Protects 3/8" to 7/16" dia., 1" to 2" locks    Patented
  • Fits flat trailer style handle (no hole in handle)
  • RGEX-00 - Lock Guard (Lock sold separately) 
  • RGEX-0L - Lock Guard with lock
  • Over 65% price reduction for 12 or more lock guard with lock
protect smaller locks
Junior Lock GuardTM – Protects locks less than 1 1/4"    Patented
  • RGJR-00 - Lock Guard (Lock sold separately) 
  • RGJR-5L - Lock Guard  with lock
  • Over 65% price reduction for 12 or more lock guard with lock
high value protection, longer shackle locks
Super Extended Lock GuardTM  – Protects locks over 1-1/4" 
  • For high Value Items or Explosives and Fireworks
  • Protect latch, protect lock
  • Fits traditional trailer style, flat handles    Patented
  • RGSE-00  - Lock Guard (Lock sold separately)
  • RGSE-0L  - Lock Guard with lock
Lock Guard Super Extended Universal
Super Extended Universal Lock GuardTM – Protects locks over 1-1/4" locks
  • Universal - fits container ribbed handles (locking hole in handle), container flat handles, AND trailer flat handles
  • Protect latch, rivet, and the lock     Patented
  • RGUN-00 - Lock Guard (Lock sold separately) 
  • RGUN-0L - Lock Guard  with lock
protects locks; trailer type handles Standard Lock GuardTM – protects 3/8" dia., 1" locks
Lock Guard Universal
Universal Lock GuardTM  – protects 3/8" dia., 1" locks


Trailers lock
no shackle or shackleless lock
No-shackle or shackleless hockey puck lock
solid steel laminated lock
hardened steel padlock

High-Security Locks for Your Truck’s Trailer

Looking for a cargo trailer lock that can’t be beaten or broken into? At Ranger Lock, we specialize in tractor trailer locks strong enough to protect anything, providing a higher deterrent at a low cost.

Protect your padlocks from the elements and extend their life with a hardened-steel lock guard that keeps out rain, snow, sleet, sea salt spray, dirt — and, most importantly, thieves.

Superior Protection From Superior Locks

If you’re using traditional padlocks as cargo trailer locks, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to theft. Anyone who wants to get his hands on your freight or valuables could use a pair of bolt cutters to snip the shackle on your padlock, and just like that, he has access to your trailer’s contents.

Choose one of our high-security semi trailer door locks to secure your truck trailer’s swinging doors. Ranger single- and double-crossbar portable locks can be installed quickly and easily with no welding. Our inner bolt semi trailer lock leaves no outward sign of its installation. It can be installed either on the floor or the ceiling of your cargo trailer.

Secure both doors of your trailer with our Portabolt portable shackle-free bar lock. It’s easy to install and lightweight. You can install it, take it off and install it on another trailer.

Need maximum security for your cargo trailer? Try our solid-steel hockey-puck lock and hasp to secure both of your truck trailer’s swinging doors. This lock is as burly as semi trailer locks come. Bolt it on or weld it in place for permanent security.

Protect Your Treasures, Protect Your Lock

Ranger lock protection is the best on the market — we’re constantly hearing from satisfied customers who’ve avoided massive losses simply by installing our hockey-puck locks on their cargo trailers and storage units. Add an extra level of security with one of our hardened steel, weatherproof and non-corrosive Lock Guards.

Ranger Lock Guards protect your lock from the elements — rain, snow, dirt, ice and salt water can all corrode, damage and weaken your lock. Keep your lock strong in the face of nature’s onslaught with one of our weatherproof lock boxes. Our sloping-roof lock-box design discourages the accumulation of snow and ice, and the hardened steel is coated to protect it from oxidation.

Our steel Lock Guards let you feel secure. Ranger lock protectors fit every major lock brand and can be used and stored with the lock inside. No matter what lock you use, choose one of our Lock Guards to defend against crowbars and cutting instruments.

Our Locks Are Proven to Deter Thieves

When thieves see one of our locks, they think twice about targeting your property or cargo. One of the nation’s largest retailers has cut break-ins by more than 99 percent using Ranger locks. Other satisfied customers include Alaska Fish & Game, who wrote to us to say, “We had a number of connexes broken into. Yours were the only ones not broken into and they were only 15 feet away.”

Theft can mean overwhelming replacement costs, lost work hours and wrangling with insurance companies. Don’t take that chance! Keep your goods safe with Ranger Locks and Lock Guards.



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