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Ranger® Double Crossbar with Lock

Ranger® Double Crossbar with Lock
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Formed, case hardened steel with no shackle puck lock. Protects rivet in handle hub. Eliminate concern about cut latches, handles. Secures one handle on either door. Portable between containers, trailers, or doors. Hardened steel. Protective housing around lock. 45 degree deflector shield to deflect physical attack. Increased security to place on rods on either door, regardless of way operating handle is turned. Fits on either door. Secures one locking rod. With double rods on doors, can have up to 2 locks per door or 4 on a set of doors. Patent Pending. NOTE: At least 2 clear inches along the upright rod are required above and below the handle hub. Contact us for special high security requirements.

Weight 10.00 lbs


Quantity:  12+ Items 
Price: $89.98

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